Film and Foliage


Avocado skins/calendula/tumeric

So my flower buddies Kate (Two Wild Hands) and Rach (Botanica Bird) came over to dye! We've been collecting food scraps, coffee and plants to attempt some natural plant dyes. 


We each made a pot of various colours - I chose orange (best colour) and used hibiscus, rose petals, orange peels and rose hips (didn't work haha!) 

My FAVOURITE part was bundle dyeing! It is so so fun, super easy and the results are so exciting! All there is to it is sprinkling the prettiest flower scraps along the material and rolling it up into a little bundle (flower joint)! Steam it like a dumpling and voila! Beautiful speckled ribbons!!!

Steam it up!

Steam it up!

This is going to be my new way to use up flower waste and food scraps #eco!!!!



Also, just a heads up, don't EVER let the pot of dye boil dry!!!!!!!!! EVVVEEEEERRRRR!!!!

Ashlee Wheelhouse