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Pink Pampas/mushrooms/english breakfast tea

Driving to visit my flower friend Kate (Two Wild Hands) is a dangerous drive due to the rain and the quality greenery along the side of the road. Silver wattle, wild tea tree and fields of grasses are very distracting! I've pulled over to hike through the rain and sticky beaks to forage some magnificent pink pampas grass, which I am allergic to (hayfever and grass allergy, let's become a florist!), and, as the leaves are razor sharp, results in millions of cuts which spread into a rash along my arms.

Totally worth it by the way!!!

Showing Kate my battle scars we stare at the shimmering feathers discuss every thing we know know about the amazing stuff.
It's SO lovely to have talented friends who share my obsession. Shout out to all the super supportive flower ladies who have helped and encouraged me in the last few months as a start my business, attempting to figure out logos/websites/quoting/markets etc. I am still so amazed and grateful for your kindness!


We drink cups of tea in Kate's tiny house, watching the wallabies in the rain and laughing at her cat, Villie, as he wanders in and out.

As I head out the door I get the tour of the garden roses, strawberry patch and the definite highlight, this cute as a button mushroom!

Happy International Woman's Day everyone!