marketing and tiger lillies


My website is getting a re-vamp (by the lovely Kristine Lubinski) which I am so excited about. When I first created my website it was through Square space with a lot of help from friends and youtube tutorials, I didn’t do too bad a job but I feel it’s time for a refresh.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about branding and researching social media marketing and attempting to put some of the research into practice. A lot of what they advise you to do makes sense: post regularly, good quality pictures, interesting captions, ask questions, be yourself, respond to comments. Nothing ground breaking, but, it’s kind of funny, if you asked someone what they look for in a partner they would probably say someone authentic, interesting, good looking, caring and stable. Coincidence? Am I trying to be everyone’s flower girlfriend?

I find the whole psychology behind marketing and sales techniques fascinating. Why do they work on our brains? Marketing works so well on me, I am very easily led to an online shopping cart and Afterpay is just a little too easy..

Maybe I should offer Afterpay…

Marketing my business is a little different, it’s a service, not just a product, I have almost no repeat customers and flowers are a luxury item, you don’t need them, it’s also a creative industry, my floral designs are my art. This can lead to a lot of under valuing so it’s my job to communicate and educate what it is that I do and why you should allocate some of your wedding budget to flowers, also why you should trust in Film and Foliage. This is why I show a lot of the behind the scenes and answer all of your questions about how I do my job, It’s important to understand and respect other’s careers.

Planning a wedding is a crazy feat. I admire every bride and groom I meet who somehow, overnight, have become event planners, people study for years to do that job! I see so many stressed out lovers who are just wanting to create a magical day with their favourite people, only to be judged and criticised when it doesn’t suit other’s expectations. So nuts!

I am constantly looking for ways to make my booking process as easy as possible. Creating custom quotes, I am open about my pricing, suggest budget conscious options, recommend good vendors and have cups of coffee, phone calls, skype chats and endless emails to answer any questions. I always send feedback questionnaires to past clients because I want to know where I can improve. It’s hard to send them because I secretly don’t want criticism but it’s so necessary for a successful business!

On a floral note, I bouquet lilies for the first time since Tafe. I couldn’t bring myself to use them for years but the colour of these Tigers stopped me in my tracks. They took ages to open as it’s been so cold but as soon as they bloomed I of course did a little photoshoot. These photos are taken in my backyard, I peg a sheet to the close line and set up my camera on a tripod, one day I will have a beautiful studio with lots of backdrops and props, but for now, this will be just fine.


Ash xx