Jaki and nick

date - 2018

budget - 

guests - 

venue - Bay holiday house?


Budget for around $3500 +


Personality - do you feel comfortable with them?

Style - documentary/editorial, dark, moody, crisp, soft, bright

Engagement shoot - to help you feel comfortable. bonus pics, confirm you like their style

Videographer - sometimes comes in a package, usually expensive but some people think they capture more than the photos can


My Recomendations!

Barefoot and Bearded - super friendly/easygoing, darker/softer, a lot of emotive photos, more photo journalism (less posing), $3900


Keegan Cronin - loveliest guy, insane photos/crisp (he's a perfectionist), amazing with light, little details, $4300


Gez Mansfield - Legend, architect background so really cool composition/framing, brighter, vegan/cute dog called Frankie, $3300

Aaron Schum - Also lovely, super enthusiastic, very creative with photos/really knows his shit, not sure on prices but could have a travel fee (lives in Goldcoast)

Hair and Makeup


Do they travel to you? (trust me this will save so much stress and time)

Can they do both hair and makeup? - could be cheaper to book than 2 separate services

Definitely do a trial, find some inspo pics and get it perfect, this will cost the same as on the day wedding makeup (unless it is part of a package)

Is their makeup ethical? (which I know you will care about!!)

My reccomendation!

Chic Artistry - She is the bomb! honestly, I don't know if I would recommend anyone else, she has a team of legends who can do both hair and makeup, they travel, she is vegan and well researched in where her makeup comes from, known for her natural makeup, I think she is slightly towards the more expensive end because she has been doing this for so long. (I think you guys would become besties...) (also, partner of Gez Mansfield) Prices


Other recommendations which I don't have a huge amount of experience with but have heard they are good:

Om Shalom, Glow, Maple Lane, Chrysalis


Budget depends on so many things - think about around $100/head as a general guide


Style of food - half vegan/half not? fancy? Casual?

Banquet/sit down/canapes/half canapes half sit down?

Extras - dessert/starters/breads/cheese platter etc

Do you need wait staff to serve the food?

My Reccomendations!

The Wilderness Chef - Pretty cute, good with dietries, tasty tasty food, will probably drink some beers with you


If you don't want Coop catering you could also try Fennel and Co who is the old head chef at 3 Monkeys or Sprout Dining (they do vegan well, I've heard)


Budget - $2000 +


Is this dress just a trend or a classic style

Quality of fabric and ethical production

Can you move/dance in it, does it need to be altered, does it make you feel amazing!?!?!

Do you want to go vintage? Let me know I know some vintage brands

My Recommendations!/I can just picture you in these but let me know if you're after a different style and I will probably know a good brand



Spell Designs

My fave!

My fave!

I've also heard good things about The Bridal Atelier and One Day Bridal which are shops in Melbourne with many different brands.


Budget: $700 +


Someone who is fun/profesh/you get along with

Someone who won't make your photos look weird

Does a ceremony you personally agree with (religious/casual/long/short/silly/serious)

My Recomendations!

Anyone from the Sassy Celebrants, particularly Kim Oakhill, Monty and I haven't seen him do many ceremonies but our mate Tim!

Boys suits - Talk to Cav!



Budget - Ranges from getting them made in China to fancy gold leaf stuff


Invitations, Save the date, name places, welcome signs, menus etc

How fancy do ya wanna be?!

Wedding websites are a thing these days too

Do you have a friend with these skills? (honestly I could probably help you a lot)


Sea folk - I've seen her work at 2 weddings and I loved it

Inkling design - Love her stuff - could be pricey?

Moo - Website I made my biz cards with - super easy and beautiful designs

Extra costs to consider:

Florals - We'll talk :)

Bridesmaids dresses

Groomsmens suits

Wedding Favours


Lights/hire furniture

wedding favours


Wedding bands


My advice!

  • Stay true to your own style
  • choose a vibe, not a theme
  • don't let others pressure you into choosing things you don't want!
  • don't follow traditions you don't believe in,
  • have fun planning, stay chilled about the little things
  • if something goes wrong just enjoy the funny story it will become, it's probably not that big a deal, especially if you fall over..
  • plan with your man! Don't take it all on your own, you will enjoy the details more together
  • Only invite people who will make your day better!
  • Think about what is important to you, if it's food or music, put your budget there
  • Don't waste money on tiny elements that people probably won't notice, spend more on big impact elements
  • Use pinterest for ideas/inspo but don't get caught up in all the crazy extravagant weddings and weird themes, also, be original, don't copy someone else's wedding
  • Use as many friends/relatives with skills to bring your budget down
  • BUT be careful, sometimes what you pay for is what you get
  • Definitely be budget conscious when booking a vendor but make sure you are booking them because you love them, not just because they are cheap
  • Don't ask vendors to price match or bring down their prices, if you want them but can't afford them, be open about your budget and ask what they can do for that amount
  • Delegate! People love helping with weddings - give out little jobs like hanging decorations/making sure the music is always on/communicating with the celebrant to save yourself some stress
  • Ask me as many questions as you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!